Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Nothing Personal...

So, one might think that being a somewhat popular personality on the internet is an easy thing to do. In most respects, it is. All I am is a guy on one end of a computer, who happens to be putting things of mild entertainment value on the web, for many many people to enjoy. Piece of cake right?

Not quite.

When I spend time on something, it's something I invest myself in. I don't waste my time. When I do waste it, I usually get pissed about it. Everything I do, I maintain a sense of ownership of. That means, when I post it on the internet, for review or otherwise, I maintain a personal connection with it. When someone comments on it, positively or negatively (this is another story...), I have a sense of obligation to pay that person respect by at the very least, reading it.

This philosophy is fine, except, that as the popularity rises, so do the number of comments. Each comment takes a certain amount of time to read. Since this is only a hobby, I often find myself struggling to find the time to read comments, let alone respond to them. I posted a note about this on my facebook page, a little bit about my thought process... detailing in some respects, how I choose the comments I respond to.
I find the ones that stand out. I find the ones that are least like the masses, both good and bad. Where does that leave the rest? In the hapless void of comments I try to, but not always, read. Do their thoughts or comments mean nothing to me? No.

Comments aside, what about those people who send me friend requests? Are we not friends? Not in the traditional sense, no, but I do want to show that I at least acknowledge people who attempt to contact me. After all, I'm a personality on the internet, that people are (presumably) fans of. It's a big deal to these people to get any form of communication from me.
People send me friend requests on chat programs and whatnot as well, after all, too many friends can't hurt right? It can if you're expecting me to behave as a real acquaintance. I simply don't have the time to be chatty with everyone. I have to draw the line at "I acknowledge you, and thank you, but if I don't contact you or respond to you, it's nothing personal."

Just that. If you friend me, message me, comment on my videos/channel/page, etc... and I don't respond to you... It's nothing personal.
People seem to get the impression that I don't care or am too far above to pay any attention to those who attempt contact. That's not the case. I'm one person, who simply just cannot keep up communication with everyone.
I know you try, I acknowledge your fan-ness, and I thank you for it. Don't take anything I may do, or not do, personally.

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  1. I have to admit, sometimes I feel insecure when I don't get a reply....
    (I have no idea why,wtf am I a little girl?)

    But yeah, I am glad to have seen that you can address problems so correctly and coherently.

    I hope to see you never lose interest in your hobby, and that our support as fans will motivate you. ^_^